Our Surfboards are crafted using only the best materials and techniques available! We have personally tested, developed and designed our entire range of boards over the years, fine-tuning as we receive feedback from customers, weekend warriors and professional surfers to give you the best surfing experience that money can buy!


Designed with 4ft-8ft corduroy lines in mind! We’ve added extra volume upfront to help you get in sooner and fight the rip for hours. The long rail line allows for a drawn out carve with hold off the bottom while the subtle hip releases on demand. A flat to medium entry complements the single to double concave for controlled speed generation! Ridden about 2-3 inches bigger than your standard board.


The Good Wave XT is a more user friendly version of the GW-Pro. It’s a little wider and thicker than the pro with some volume shifted forward a few inches. Perfect for a slightly heavier surfer or someone looking for more stability in the barrel.


The Shotgun is a high performance good wave board designed to ride waves too big or powerful for your conventional shortboard. With added volume upfront and its’ high performance pulled in tail the board was born to handle speed and power while drawing a longer arc which is needed in waves of consequence.


The high performance big wave gun series benchmark! Added curve for extra maneuverability, rolled rails to get through the chop, fine-tuned mid to tail rail with a standard single to double concave into a V through the pin tail = Speed + Control + Maneuverability


Not for the faint of heart! Designed to paddle down mountains, hold off the bottom and slice through chop. A high entry rocker, single to double concave with a V through the tail. (17mm stringer, 16oz top deck x 12oz bottom deck and wide laps)