Our Surfboards are crafted using only the best materials and techniques available! We have personally tested, developed and designed our entire range of boards over the years, fine-tuning as we receive feedback from customers, weekend warriors and professional surfers to give you the best surfing experience that money can buy!


A versatile alternate board that is ‘built to fly’. Rips as a thruster, change to a quad for a little extra drive and if the waves are a bit bigger or more powerful we recommend adding a stabilizer fin.


The Twin Pin is a high performance with a retro feel. A relatively flat bottom curve, single to double concave and 4 x ‘Klinker’ channels allows for easy rail to rail transitioning with extra hold and drive. Flows through the flat sections! We suggest using the Futures T1 or FCS MR fins.


Shosholoza (push forward) with this ultra-smooth, lightning fast alternate board predicted to be one of the best sellers this summer!


Low entry, fuller outline, slight concave with a progressive curved channel system through the tail. Futuristic and super fast! Ridden 3-4″ shorter than your normal board.


Super fast and very exciting even in the sloppiest conditions. A wider outline, flatter rocker, single to double concave and double bump wing/diamond tail combination. Generally ridden 2-3″ shorter than your regular shortboard.


Natural bottom curve with single concave into a Vee through the tail. A modern high performance surfboard drawing inspiration from the 70’s and 80s ‘twinnies’.


A retro fish inspired shortboard with a snub nose, curvy outline and subtle double concave. Ridden approximately 6 inches shorter, 1 1/2 inches wider and 1/8″ thicker than your normal board. Even with its’ forgiving rails and edges, the KO is beyond fast!


The Padda has a single concave and a clean, flowing, wide outline. It paddles easy, generates speed without effort and works for surfers of all skill levels in small to medium size waves.


A high performance descendant of the Vampire Twin! A deep single concave and channel between the fins for maximum drive and speed.


Sanchez’ dangerous cousin! The nose is slightly pulled with an extended rail line for drawn out turns. The subtle wing, swallow tail and venturi channel combine beautifully to balance speed and control.


‘Addictive’ may be the best description for the Vampire… A wide area under your front foot, flattened rocker and the ‘magic’ reversed Vee concave + double channel combination.


Easy to paddle, super fast and very predictable. Increased forward volume and a pulled-in rounded pin tail. Super high performance bottom curve/tail rocker. Generally ridden 3-4″ shorter than your regular shortboard.


Beginner through to advanced. A wider outline, low entry rocker and single to double concave. You will have speed to burn in smaller surf whilst maintaining manoeuvrability and stability! Ridden 5-6″ shorter than your regular shortboard.


Super fun all-rounder! A wider outline, high performance bottom curve and a single concave running all the way through the subtle diamond tail. Fast smooth and predictable! Generally ridden 2-4″ shorter than your regular shortboard.


An ideal summer board with volume for flatter sections, a wider outline and extra curve for tight turns in the pocket. It’s fast and loose, paddles into anything and goes on the flattest of waves. It’s super fun and anyone can ride it.


We’ve designed this mid length fish with the perfect combination of modern and classic in mind. It has a modern curve and concave up front fading to an old school Vee at the tail. We suggest riding this beast with a Twin + stabilizer or a Quad fin setup.


The paddle speed and stability of a mini-mal with a tapered nose and tail that allows a faster progression to performance surfing. Ideal for the beginner to intermediate surfer.


A formidable ocean predator, smooth as silk and lightning fast! Forward volume with a longer outline and a fish tail. Paddles very easily and draws classic lines!


On the back of the success we’ve had with our Modern Mid Length. The Middleman is a Mid-Length/Performance Alternate hybrid. Ridden 2-4 inches smaller than a standard Mid with added volume up front and a pulled in tail. Paddle power, speed and flow!


This performance Mid-length is designed to be forgiving and easy to ride! With a low entry rocker, Vee bottom, rounded nose and extra volume under the chest, you will be able to catch anything your heart desires and turn on a dime.


A true modern retro! Ridden 3-4ft shorter than your standard longboard with a full nose, low entry and single concave moving to a Vee through the mid and tail section. 1 + 2 (Box and trailer fin setup) Paddles easily and draws a classic line!


Effortless, smooth and stylish is the best way to describe this alternate/retro board!


A beautiful retro board with tinted resin and a high polish finish. Perfect for people transitioning from a longboard or looking for an easy rider that flows and paddles like a dream.