Our Surfboards are crafted using only the best materials and techniques available! We have personally tested, developed and designed our entire range of boards over the years, fine-tuning as we receive feedback from customers, weekend warriors and professional surfers to give you the best surfing experience that money can buy!


Wow we have had fun with this one! After 12 months of solid RnD we are proud to launch the most versatile board in our range. The Crusher. With a slightly narrower front outline and high performance concaves, The Crusher is a user-friendly, high performance board for a wide range of conditions. It was born for wide power arcs yet still holds plenty of speed through through the flats. Your quiver starts here!


Box Office!
Our latest all-rounder is an essential for your new quiver! From 2ft slop to 5ft firing surf, the Pop Corn is design to perform. With everyday conditions in mind Baron has blended two of his favourite models “The Rockstar and The Bushpig”. Perfectly combining a slightly pulled in ‘Rockstar outline’ with the more progressive curve and flatter deck of the Bushpig. The Popcorn is ridden 1 inch smaller then your standard performance model. We suggest using a Rake fin template from Futures Fins.


This all round performance board features a slight hip at the tail to help with release through turns and with it’s slight single concave and forgiving rails, the Antidote makes performance surfing possible in pretty much all conditions.


She’s got curves in all the right places! With plenty Width under the chest area ensuring great paddle power, the pulled in nose and tail templates coupled with a pronounced single concave in the mid-section, allow for fast, tight arcs in the pocket of the wave. The Revolver is a small to medium size wave MACHINE, but remains versatile enough to handle waves of up to 6ft.


Increased nose and tail rocker with a single concave throughout. Built for down the line speed and fast rail to rail transitions.


Low entry with an exaggerated curve through the tail. Single to double concave with a subtle flick for extra release. Vertical in the pocket and super snappy!


The Screamer proved an instant success with the Hurricane Surf pro team! A slightly wider nose area, lower rocker entry and curvy outline enables lightning fast, smooth as silk ‘rail to rail’ surfing.


The perfect all rounder, designed to suit most wave conditions. A smooth, low entry rocker with a reliable single to double concave and a ‘flipped out’ tail. The mild hip allows for pivot while the slightly wider tail keeps it explosive off the lip.


The Bush Pig is the ultimate 1-4ft all-rounder. The design features a progressive bottom curve, flat deck and deep single to double concave with Vee through the tail. Ridden 2 Inches shorter than your standard performance board.


Single to double concave, low entry rocker with a curvy outline. Designed to generate energy in small weaker waves. A go-to summer performance shortboard.


Low continuous rocker with a wide curvy outline and a generous single to double concave. Amazing control in the pocket and out on the face of the wave. Ridden 2-3″ shorter than your normal board.


A high performance but user-friendly board. Fast yet stable! It is made a little thicker in the middle for maximum wave catching with thinner rails so it responds to lighter surfers and turns easily.


A high performance shortboard designed for 1-4ft waves. The Lunatic is generally ridden 2-3 inches shorter and 1/2 inch wider than your regular board. A flat rocker and a deep single concave between the fins allows for exceptional speed and drive across weak flat sections.


The high performance small wave board in the Fishstix range. Extra hip and tail kick makes it quick and responsive through turns, while a low entry rocker and wider nose outline helps create drive and speed through flat sections.