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Buy into the future of the world’s massively endangered Rhino population now, because tomorrow may be too late! For every pair of RhinoTech Boardshorts purchased, we will donate $1 to the Save the Rhino fund, which is headed up by the long-standing Zululand Conser­vation Trust in KZN, South Africa.

Built in true African spirit, our Rhinotech Boardshorts replicate the tough, resilient and seemingly indescribable characteristics of the Rhino. Yet, unlike our boardshorts, these prehistoric animals are constantly under threat and are suffering torturous and brutal deaths or injuries at the hands of poachers. By purchasing a pair of our Rhinotech boardshorts, you are helping ensure that future genera­tions may still get the opportunity to see these mega mammals roaming our planet.


per boardshort sold is given
to the Save The Rhino Fund.