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6′ Gambas
6’0 x 19 3/4 x 2 5/8” x 35lt
The perfect board to attack your first maneuvers and progress your surfing. It features a wide template for easy paddling to increase your wave count. The Gambas model is aimed at intermediate to advanced surfers looking for a safe, progressive and versatile board.

7′ Tracker
7’0 x 21 x 2 x 3/4” x 45lt
With its fairly flat rocker and different fin mounting possibilities (single, Twin, 2+1) you can surf it in a wide variety of conditions. It is surely a quiver essential.

8′ Petit Saucisses
8’0 x 22 x 3 x 60lt
The perfect minimal for cruising on the smaller days. Features a flat rocker , spoon up at the nose and plenty volume under the chest area.

9’1” Dance Floor
9’1 x 22 9/16 ” x 3 x 70lt
You will be able to surf the flattest waves with the Dancefloor and thanks to the wide nose & tail template and spoon up at the nose you will be able to spend quality time at the front end of the board.

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