The Rockstar The Dark-Knight
Performance Performance
The Pavement Special The Lunatic
Performance Board Performance
The Hani Bee The Seabass
Performance / Shaper Series Performance / Shaper Series
This Way Up The Cracker
Performance Performance
The Zamalek The Duckstar 2.0
Performance / Signature Series Performance / Signature Series
The Zamalek The Get Rillah
Performance / Shaper Series High Performance
The Lil Ninja The Pacman
Performance / Small Wave Intermediate / Performance
The Shortstack 2 The GP
Performance Intermediate / Performance
The KO The Tokolosh
Intermediate / Performance Intermediate / Performance
The Twin Fin The Mini Simmons
Intermediate / Performance Intermediate / Performance
The Grommet Comet The Italian Stallion
Junior Performance Intermediate / Performance
The Mini Malibu The Mini Malibu
Intermediate Intermediate
The Step-Up Big-wave Performance
The Charger The Rhino Chaser
Big-wave Performance Big-wave Performance


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United Kingdom



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