Water Bottle

Stay hydrated in style with the Hurricane Surf stainless steal water bottle.
Fill it up on the go and avoid unnecessary plastic waste by avoiding disposable water bottles.
Keeps your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold for up to 24hrs.

Utility Bag

The Hurricane Surf Utility Bag is everything you need to keep your accessories organised.
Featuring 3 fin compartments each capable holding a full set of fins
A wax compartment and a rear compartment for all your small items like fin keys and your 'Eco Wax Comb'


Tropical Water Wax
Warm Water Wax
Cold Water Wax

Eco wax Comb

Say No to Plastic!
Wooden wax comb
Sharpened side for wax removal, serated side to comb your wax.

Wax Sack

Basic wax sack to store your wax and other small accessories.

Wetsuit Mat

Keep clean pre surf and post surf while changing into or out of your wetsuit or boardshorts.
Our wetsuit mat folds neatly into a light weight cover for easy storage.

Astro Surf Mat

Perfect for keeping sand off your feet while changing or for standing on when the ground is too hot on a summers day.

Travel Racks

No roof racks needed with the travel racks!
They attach easily to any car with a roof and have ample protection for your boards.
View Tutorial

Board Protectors

Hurricane Surf Board Protectors wrap around roof racks to give protection to your boards while on the road.

Tie Downs

2 per set
Stainless steel buckle
3m or 5m


Pit Division Cap

Mens Rashies

Black | White
Navy | Lime Green
Black | Electric Blue

Ladies Rashies

Pink | White
White | Black
Black | Electric Blue


Hooded poncho with or without sleeves.

Ladies | Mens Slops

Colour: Black

Nose & Tail Guards

EVA protection for the nose and tail of your boards during transport or flights